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Katodog Katodog
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Hello everybody...

Not that much at all. I boost clarity to make the paint look shiny and liquid, not many other photographers really capture the way a car looks when you're standing next to it looking at it. Boosting clarity shows the detail and reflectivity that you see when you look at the car. That's my hook; people want images of their cars to look like their cars, not flat and colorless with no detail. I make their car look the way it's supposed to look. Some shots do end up a little over-done, but for the most part people love the shots. It all depends on the light for the day and how I shoot the cars, plus the color of the car. Bolder colors, like bright reds and oranges, sometimes come out a bit harsh, but I've managed to keep it to a minimum so shots don't come out looking cooked.

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