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This system was MADE IN AMERICA, 100% on American Soil, Owned and Operated in the USA by the Hot Media Group Located in Lisle, Illinois - Suburb of Chicago.     

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           22 Photo Albums

139 Pictures

2022 Indiana Harbors Yacht Club Cruise Night

2022 Indiana Harbor's yacht club cruise night August 4th 2022 turn do turn out low sky's slightly overcast 0 chance of rain.

13 Pictures

Popup car show 4-16-2022 Covington Virginia

This is a spontaneous car show that happened at ABP gas station of several cars that was growing as I was leaving on my way home to Chicago from Norfolk Virginia today

8 Pictures

Polaris Slingshot

This is a slingshot that belongs to a friend of mine that moved away from the area. He's now in Georgia.

102 Pictures

Lisle Car Show - 6-26-2011

Tonight just around the corner from our office Lisle had a car show. So I made sure that we got all the pictures from the show. There were even a few cars that I'd never even seen at other car shows in the area. Pretty cool!

1960 Plymouth Fury

30 Pictures

When Detroit Was in it's Full Glory

Detroit Iron from when Detroit was in it's full glory.

22 Pictures

New Chevy Billboards Posted Around DETROIT!!

Here are the pictures from an email that was forwarded to me about new billboards that have been popping up in and around detroit for Chevy. SUPER COOL!!!

12 Pictures

Repaving the Daytona 500 Track

Here are some cool pics of a crew repaving the Daytona 500 Racetrack on a high banking curve. Kind of cool don't you think?

82 Pictures

Amazing pictures from the past and present! And the 2015 Corvette Stingray!

This is a grouping of about 82 pictures that I received from a friend in a powerpoint presentation. It has a ton of really cool cars in it. I have no way of sharing a powerpoint, nor do I want to spam my members and friends with it, So I'm posting it here. Enjoy! Some really cool cars in here. Even a 2015 Corvette Stingray Concept car

475 Pictures

Hot Rod Deals - Memorial Day Tilted Kilt Car Show

These are the pictures from the First Tilted Kilt Car Show that took place on Memorial Day 2010 presented by Hot Rod Deals. It was a gorgeous HOT day and tons of fun! The ladies were beautiful, the cars were shiny,... Well, just check out the pictures. All 475 of them. Also be sure to check my buddy Chad's pictures. He's got over 520 pictures from today I think!

8 Pictures

Porsche 911 / 933 Dash

Porsche 911 / 933 Dash Complete dashboard from 911/93 $100.00

12 Pictures

American Racing Equipment

American Racing Equipment ARE Wheels fits gm 82-92 years $200.00

5 Pictures

Porsche 933 / 911 Rear Tail Light Assembly

933/911 Tail light Assem 1900 dotcomd Tail Light Assembly Clean! $50.00

111 Pictures

First Ever Winter Cruise Night at Buona Beef in Darien

These are the pictures from the first ever winter cruise night at Buona Beef in Darien Illinois. It took place on Feb. 27th 2010. We packed the house with a sold out show. Just see the pictures for yourself!

71 Pictures

3rd Monthly Tilted Kilt Car Show - September 12th 2009

This is the crowd we had been waiting for / looking for all summer long. We had 110 cars register and easily 60 - 70 which didn't want to register or more. One person told me they had counted over 200 cars. With having a dry morning the day of the show we had filled the normal parking lot in front of the Tilted kilt by 9:20 am. By 10:00 am the lot around the corner and down further away from the resturant was filling up. It was a fantastic show which kept me busy the whole time! I tried to take pictures showing the whole thing as opposed to closeups of the ladies at the show. Check out Norm's or Chad's galleries as they have nearly 1000 pictures from that day.

161 Pictures

2nd Monthly Tilted Kilt Car Show

Our 2nd Monthly Tilted Kilt Car show. A very good turnout considering the amount of rain we received just before the show. When I arrived at the Tilted Kilt, the parking lot was still quite wet. But by 10:00 am we had a few cars already and the lot was well on it's way to drying out. Plus the Tilted Kilt was a little short staffed and the ladies were an hour late coming out to take the pictures with the cars. But, once again, it was a great show! Lots of fun and chocked full of beautiful women and great looking cars!

25 Pictures

1st Monthly Tilted Kilt Car Show

This is our first car show at the Tilted Kilt, I have more videos than pictures. But be sure to view them all! You must be registered and logged in to view them all! Enjoy!

Ilena Susie and Mccaylah

170 Pictures

Tilted Kilt Photo Shoot for New Car Show Flyer

Pictures from our first photo shoot with the ladies of the Tilted Kilt at the Seven Bridges location on Rt 53 in Lisle. We are putting together a new car show on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 10:00am - 2:00pm and a bike show on the 4th Saturday in the same fashion. These are the pictures from the photo shoot! Check out the same album in Hot Bike Deals as well to see the pictures. We shot nearly 200 or more pictures. You MUST be registered, logged in and with a higher than parental guidance NC rating in your profile to see the bulk of these pictures! Enjoy!

8 Pictures

Westchester 6-22-2009 Cruise Night

The Westchester Cruise Night on June 22nd 2009. This is only a very small sampling of what was there but I took a couple of pictures that just caught my eye and I couldn't pass up.

35 Pictures

Lombard Cruise Night 6-20-2009

Lombard IL Cruise Night on June 20 2009. This was a big show. I didn't take that many pictures, but there were some nice hot rods, classics, customs, tuner cars and much much more! There was a mazda miata with a 5.0 mustang engine in it. It drew a nice crowd of people trying to figure out what it actually was. Lots O cool cars!

15 Pictures

What is wrong with Rusty Old Cars?

This album is dedicated to the rusty old cars seen rotting around the country rotting away in barns and the backyards of yesterday...

           22 Rod Photo Albums

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