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(20) videos
Random Hot Rods

<<Random Hot Rods Pictures>>


Add Comment To: 10.85 Dodge Viper runDodge viper 10.84 run. Wow that's pretty fast for a street car.


Add Comment To: Dodge Viper Drag RaceThis one looks like the guy really knows what they're doing. It sounded to me like he was spraying on every gear. Car has a really nice rumble to it. What do you think?


Add Comment To: Red viper on dyno test Viper on the dynotest running through the gears and then gunning it. After it sounded like he just went to nuetral.


Add Comment To: Viper RallyVipers on the highway.


Add Comment To: Viper and Lamborgihni Drag RaceViper vs a Lamborgini in a drag race. It looks like the viper kicks the Lambo's ass! to me it looks like the lambo driver does not know how to do a proper launch.


Add Comment To: Viper CommercialViper commercial.


Add Comment To: My Driveway is too small!Some people have too much money! Look, that's 5 lamborgini's One in the garage, and four more in this contraption!


Add Comment To: Red viper on dynotestRed viper on a dynotest. To me it doesn't sound like he really revved it up that high. I'm used to hearing bikes on the dynotest which rev much higher.


Add Comment To: 1991 Toyota Celica GT 4 FourToyota Celica in a race with a honda civic. The honda lost.


Add Comment To: Toy Viper getting moved aroundThis looks like a video of a toy viper getting moved around in a photo shoot. Doesn't look real does it?


Add Comment To: Silver viper in a drag race Silver viper looking like it's on a drag track but then possibly another type of race course...


Add Comment To: vDirt Course drifting videoDirt Road drifting example. Looks as though that the car would have slid off a mountain if it lost traction here.


Add Comment To: Silent Video of a Viper BurnoutRed Dodge Viper doing a burnout in a silent movie.


Add Comment To: RX8 Dyno TestI think this is an RX8 on a dyno test. Not a long video but you can hear that engine kicking in...


Add Comment To: Classic Vette Drag Race CrashHere's a classic vette going up against a newer vette in a drag race on an actual track. The car swerves and flips several times before landing over the guard rail of the track.


Add Comment To: Cars Racing on a trackCars racing on a track in some kind of closed circuit race. It's almost like we have the full race but that the camera broke up the lap into segments.


Add Comment To: Cars Racing on a trackOnce again, cars racing on a closed circuit with the same bad video frame rate.


Add Comment To: Cars racing on a trackCars racing on a track. Looks like some kind of classic corvette racing circuit.


Add Comment To: Very broken up videoThis video is of some car on a race track. The video quality isn't very smooth on this one.


Add Comment To: Cars racing on a trackThese cars are racing on a private track.

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